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In-house membership plan
We're giving our non-insured patients something to smile about! We have our very own membership plan! It’s an affordable plan that we offer our patients that will help save $$ on all of your dental treatment. We are committed to helping our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles!

Join Farmington Dental Care's very own Membership Plan and get the quality dental care you need!

Annual membership fee




No Waiting periods  |  No Dental Maximums  |  No exclusions |  No Deductibles | Cosmetic Dentistry included


Plan Benefits

Plan covers the following 100% per covered member

  • Complete Set of X-rays (1 every 3 years) 

         ( Panoramic X-rays not included )

  • Bitewing X-rays (1/year)

  • New Patient Comprehensive Exam

  • Periodic Exam (2/year)

  • Limited Exam (Emergency Exam - 1/year)

  • Regular Cleaning (2/year; members receive a 25% discount on periodontal services) 

  • Periodontal Maintenance (2/year) 

  • Fluoride Treatment (2/ year)


Additional Benefits

25% off all other treatment including:

  • Periodontal Therapy 25 % off

  • Fillings 25 % off

  • Crowns and Bridges 25% off

  • Root Canals 25 % off

  • Extractions 25% off

  • Dentures and Partials 25% off


- This is a stand-alone dental plan and is not able to be combined with any other offers, discounts, or insurance plans. 
- Valid at Farmington Dental Care only, If you are referred to a specialist these discounts will not apply. 
- Non-transferable; family members cannot be substituted for another family member. 
- Non-refundable; no refunds are given if the patient chooses not to use their dental plan. 
- Rates are subject to change annually 
- Benefits apply to dental services only, products are not included. 


There are no ID cards, no group or member number to bring. All of your information will be kept in an electronic record. Your effective date is the day you sign up! 

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