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Multiple Teeth Replacement

Beaverton Dental Implants by Top Implant Dentist, Dr. John Lee, DDS

Implant-Supported Dentures and Bridges

At Farmington Dental Care, we believe all patients deserve to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles that last. While dental implants are often used as independent solutions single teeth, implant posts can also be used to support larger restorations, such as dentures and bridges. At our Beaverton implant practice, Dr. John Lee used this versatile prosthetic as the foundation for permanent bridges and dentures. 

When are Multi-Unit Implants Recommended?

Whether caused by accidental trauma or serious dental disease, multiple tooth loss can occur to any patient. While a single dental implant provides sufficient coverage for only one tooth, placing individual implants for multiple missing teeth can be costly and inefficient. In instances where patients are missing more than two teeth, our Beaverton implant dentists can secure large scale restorations to strategically placed implants. With this hybrid treatment, our patients can expect the following benefits:

Preserved Bone Structure: Without the stimulation of teeth roots, the jaw bone begins to weaken, increasing the risk of additional tooth loss and making routine dental function more difficult. From an aesthetic perspective, bone resorption can create the appearance of premature aging or facial sagging. With implant-supported dentures and bridges, patients are able to maintain the look and strength of their jaw line. 

Improved Bite: Even with strong adhesive and the perfect fit, dentures have a tendency to slip and slide at the most inopportune time, making routine dental function difficult and uncomfortable. With implant-secured restorations, patients enjoy better stability and are able to bite, chew, swallow, and speak as if they had their organic teeth. 

Better Hygiene: While daily soaking can help reduce build-up of debris on dentures, these removable appliances can still trap bacteria, leaving your smile susceptible to future health problems. When combined with poor fit, patients wearing dentures are at risk of developing painful sores and periodontal disease. As dental implants are designed to behave like your natural teeth, caring for implant-supported restorations is a simple process.  

Versatility: Dental implants can be used to secure existing dentures as well as support new, implant-adapted restorations. For patients interested in stabilizing existing prostheses, Drs. Lee and Kim work closely with a trusted dental lab to ensure your new implant-supported restoration matches your smile needs. 

Learn More about Implant-Supported Treatments Today

At our Beaverton implant practice, our goal is to create long-term solutions for every smile. With implant-supported dentures, bridges, and crowns, our dentists are able to ensure your smile is always at optimal health and function. To learn more about this permanent restoration option, contact Farmington Dental Care today!



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