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Dr. Lee is one of the best dentists I have ever had and I've had MANY! He has a kind manner with amazing professionalism and genuine concern for my dental wellbeing. This makes me know I found a lifelong dentist. He also has a very gentle touch and all of his staff are very kind, informative, professional and willing to help. Anytime I come in here I feel like I am in really good hands and they have definitely helped me get over my fear of going to dental visits. Thanks for everything Dr. Lee!

Nicki H.

I mainly was excited to come to this office because they had online coupons for new patients and I knew I needed work done. I was sweetly surprised by the warmth of the office. I was brought into a room where the dentist John Lee came in within five minutes and looked over my xrays and mouth. He asked what was priority to me and then gave his recommendations. As he prepped things for my fillings I was brought a magazine and a blanket. He was friendly, straight forward and precise. It was the most pain free filling I have ever had. His assistant worked well and watched intently for any cues from me for needing suction. I didn'g gag even once! All in all this place is fantastic. I have been to some real bummer dental clinics, but this place is just great. I would highly recommend them!

Megan F.

I had a very unfortunatee encouter with popcorn and broke off a good chunk of one of my teeth. Normally I would go see my regular dentist in this situation, but he is in Salt Lake and I am living here in Portland for the summer. I knew that this was not something that could wait until I moved back home and that it really needed to be taken care of quickly. I found John Lee on google and chose to call him because he offered coupons to new patients. He was able to fit me in quickly which I was very grateful for. He and his staff were all very nice. Since I do not have dental insurance they were great about figuring out how much everything would cost ahead of time and letting me know so I could choose if I wanted to go ahead and have them do the crown or not. They also work with you to set up a payment program if needed. He was very nice, made me feel comfortable and seemed to really care about giving me a good crown!


Dr. Lee tackled major dental issues that had been completely ignored by my employer's group-insurance practice. I had been told at each exam "everything's fine" only to learn from one exam with Dr. Lee that I had several deep molar fractures with large cavities under old fillings. Three crowns were needed to save the teeth, fortunately discovered before more serious issues developed. A lot of good my group dental insurance did me ... great low co-pays but they barely skimmed the surface of dental care. I am a healthcare professional, and my immediate respect for Dr. Lee and his team has been confirmed with each follow-up appointment. He is efficient and skilled while showing thoughtful concern about his patient's experience. He is personal, kind and humorous, and clearly has brought together a proficient and responsive team. I also appreciate his impressive technology which allows you to see the work in progress on a large monitor. When Dr. Lee learned I was getting married very soon he added several minor but nicely visible cosmetic improvements. And, having his own lab on site, he was able to hasten the process and get the crown work completely done before the wedding. I give grateful thanks for finding Dr. Lee and his team!


Dr. John Lee is a "lifetime" dentist to our family. He had taken care of us for over 15 years. He had us at our first visit. He is very sensitive to the comfort of his patients. I have always been a nervous wreck and dreaded going to the dentist. And if that continued, it would have cost me my teeth! All that changed with Dr. Lee. Every visit is pleasant. Any work to be done with my teeth is always thoroughly explained. Technically and financially. And during any procedure, he never fails to ask how I was doing or if I feel any pain. His lively, considerate, caring, and professional attitude is mirrored by his marvelous staff that I nor my family never hesitate to call if we had questions. Bravo to the doctors and staff of Rose City Dental Care. Thank you for what you do for us! Our family love you!

Kim H276

Fabulous office staff, Amazing Doctor! Dr. John Lee has along with his staff, completed several treatments on myself, my husband, and my son. After having gone to a, shall we say a "less than quality provider", we have been extremely pleased with the quality of work and warm atmosphere provided by this office. All of us have had a pleasant experience and our teeth DO NOT HURT anymore! I cant say enough about the relief Dr. Lee has provided. Dr John is truly a Doctor that cares! On many occassions he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much!


Dr. John Lee is an amazing dentist and I am so pleased with the work he has done for me in the past four years. I had to have a front tooth pulled and the implant I now have looks so beautiful and natural. Dr. Lee is a highly skilled professional and a compassionate practioner. He truly is a tooth artist.

Beverly in Beaverton

Dr. Lee saw me after I called with and emergency. He got me in immediately. He has been extremely professional and caring. He called after the appointment to see how I was doing and gave me after hour number to reach him of I had any trouble. I feel very confident in his work.

Angel Pilato

Dr Lee and his staff at Farmington Dental Care are the absolute best! I haven't been to see a dentist in 2-3 years. A few weeks ago when I started experiancing tooth pain, I called Dr Lee. I was able to get in that day, and was very impressed with Dr Lee's professionalism and knowledge. I really appreciated the fact that Dr Lee explained the problem with my tooth, and outlined the many options open to me. We agreed to start with the least invasive treatment plan, and progress from there if needed. Well, at 5:15 this morning, when I was unable to sleep because of tooth pain, I called Dr Lee's office. It was a pleasure to actually hear a friendly voice answer the phone, and then be told "Come on in, we are here and can see you now." How many dentists will see patients at 5:00 am?

My children have also been seen by Dr Lee and his staff for their cleanings. His entire staff is professional, friendly, kind and works well with patients of all ages!

Thank you, Dr Lee! I know that my family has found a life-long dentist!!!

Lori H.

I have seen Dr. Lee now for six years. I have received nothing but top notch care at his clinic in Beaverton. He and his wonderful office staff have been nothing but compassionate and professional. I have recommended my own patients from my own clinic to Dr. Lee for dental work, and have had nothing but 'Thank You's from those that I have sent there. They treat everyone like Family. I would recommend this office to anyone for anything. The front desk help is warm and helpful. They were able to help me navigate my way through an insurance nightmare. Dr. Lee was able to identify a potentially serious health issue through examination and xray that could have lead to far-reaching health issues that go beyond simple dental concerns. My wife sought care from him as well. I appreciate the fact that he felt that her condition was beyond his ability to correct, and was quick (and non-egotistical) to make the referral to the appropriate caregiver. I appreciate the time and effort Dr. Lee obviously has put (and continues to put) into continuing his education and skills to insure that he has all of the tools necessary to safely diagnose and treat any condition he may come across.


I have been seeing Dr John Lee at his Beaverton OR office for about 2 years now, and I must say I am so pleased that I found him. He has such a wonderful way of putting me at ease, no matter what type of procedure is needed. He is always very professional, and obviously very competent at what he does because my results have been wonderful. I've had 2 crowns and 4 fillings as well as the routine examinations. He has set out a plan to complete what I need done before I retire when my coverage won't be as good as it is now. I really enjoy the fact that he seems always to be in good humor (not to mention humorous). I greatly appreciate the fact that several times during a procedure he will ask me if I am doing okay. The majority of dentists I've had in the past never ask that. To sum it up, I am very thankful for Dr Lee and also for the staff he has surrounded himself with from the efficient, friendly front desk personnel, the wonderful hygienist I see there and his assistant who works together with Dr Lee like clockwork. All of this adds up to a much more pleasant experience on my end. I highly recommend Dr John Lee.


Dr. John Lee was a Godsend to my family in a time of great distress. He came highly recommended to us by someone in the business. We needed extensive of dental repair from a horrible dentist (Lake Oswego) who did alot of damage to myself, my husband and teenage son.

*Note: NEVER go to any dentist without a trusted referral!

Dr. Lee is compassionate, quick and gentle. I could barely open my jaw and he made me comfortable. Even prescribed me anti-anxiety pills for my appointments, when I needed it. He made time for me when I was experiencing incredible pain from root canals caused by the previous dentists faulty work. He does in house custom crowns that are fabulous, best I've ever had. Love this dentist!!!

Angela H.

It's tough to find a good dentist who is highly skilled with strong interpersonal skills. I recently found Dr. Lee at Farmington Dental. I have had a lot of dental work done by Dr. Lee. He put in a crown and replaced all of my silver fillings with porcelain. In addition to doing great work, he is very personable and he always makes me feel comfortable when I visit. I also like the way he does his own lab work. The crown he fashioned for me is a perfect fit. I am glad a friend recommended Dr. Lee to me -- he is a keeper!


I hope that I can express how much meeting Dr. Lee has helped me. Being terrifed of the dentist since i was five and had a bad experince. I have left many a denist office crying and knowing I'd never go back. Dr.Lee did a root canal on my front tooth that was so bad it had been falling out when I brushed my teeth, it also turned out to be infected,so all that adds up to alot of pain at least that was what I was ready for but that pain never came. He used no gas and I didn't have the white knuckles from holding the arms of the chair in fact they were resting in my lap and I thought i could have taken a nap. As a scardy cat of dentist i was shocked, but happy. I think the highest complment I can give him is to say that when he completed the root canal I would have went right back into his chair that same day for more work , and I no longer have to dread and be in fear as I count down to seeing him again. Dr.Lee would be great at alot of things I'm sure, but I am very happy he became a dentist and that our paths have crossed for what i hope is my lifetime and I know I can't be his only paiant to feel this way. Also I must take a moment to say his entire staff that I have met so far from front office,billing, highginst (assitants) all of them that have been helpful and infomative. Dr.Lee is also very kind and respectful not only to me but I noted his respect for the people he works with, his team and that kindness and respect seems to set the tone for the whole office which is hard enough to find. But finding a great denist who once agin didn't scare me or cause me pain and the leavel of intregty and respect shown is what makes Dr.Lee and his team five star worthy in my eyes and more importantly to my mouth. thank you all very much.

Paula M.

I have been going to Dr. Lee for a little over 1 year. When I first found Dr. Lee I had serious dental issues my prior dentist never addressed. Dr. Lee stepped in quickly, explained the problems to me and put me on a course of treatment that has made major improvements in my dental health. We are not done yet but we have a plan and I can see a future where my dental problems are a thing of the past.
One other thing about Dr. Lee is the range of services he offers. I first went to Dr. Lee in reference to a problem I had with a dental implant. He was able to quickly deal with my implant problem and during that visit help me greatly with another bigger issue. The denture that fit over the implant always felt uncomfortable to me but my previous dentist never saw an issue. Dr. Lee not only saw the problem but knew how it should be resolved. Within a day he had the denture back to me fitting far better than when it was new. After fixing my implant and my denture so quickly I knew I had found my new dentist.
Another review raised serious questions about Dr. Lee's office and equipment. My experience here is very different. Dr. Lee has a nice waiting area with comfortable chairs and plenty of magazines to read that are mostly recent. His dental equipment is top notch. Everything looks new and is obviously well maintained. His dental chairs are comfy even for me at slightly over 6'4”. His assistants are obviously well trained and do their best to make you comfortable in what is sometimes a tense situation (who really likes going to a dentist?). Overall Dr. Lee, his staff and equipment are the best I have experienced and I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality dental care in a caring environment.


I just want to write a word or two about the services of Dr.Lee.
I went to see him last Thursday on recommendations from several of my co-workers.
He did an exam and we worked out a plan for the dental work needed. I have a bridge in my mouth and is over ready to be replaced! Many more issues but that is the first on the agenda.
So I set up an appointment to get started and went on my way feeling relieved that I was going to get started soon and feel and look better.
On the following Sunday morning I was eating my breakfast (granola bar) and my bridge (front upper bridge)just snapped off! Literally.
After I realized what happened and I started to breath again and thought what am I going to do?
It was about seven in the morning on a holiday week-end (Memorial Day) and I didn't really have a choice so I called Dr Lee. I felt so bad for calling him so early and on the holiday but he was so nice and really put me at ease and he was going to help me!
He met me at his office and was very comforting and reassure me he could help me and he did.
Thank you see you soon!

Cheryl R.

I never hoped to find a replacement as competent or as kind as our much-loved dentist who died approximately four years ago. Dr. John Lee took over his practice and has been my dentist ever since. He has exceeded all my expections. He is highly skilled. He brings up-to-date training and a thirst for continuing education. He has retained the services and affection of the staff he inherited and has added highly capable technicians. He is conscientious about his fees. He is an exceptionally caring, intelligent, hard-working and honest man. In both my professional and personal experience, I consider John Lee to be among the best I've encountered in a long life.
His recent work has included the surgical preparation to install an implant, pulling teeth, filling teeth and doing a root canal. Past work has included crowns as well. We have more work scheduled, including finishing the implant.

Jan B.

I've been a patient of Dr. John Lee since I was 9 yrs old. He's been taking care of my family and relatives for many years now. I enjoy being a patient there. Their team is awesome. They make every experience more fun by encouraging and educating patients on better oral hygiene care. I was very inquisitive and was inspired by them so I went to school and became a dental assistant.
Since I've been working with Dr. Lee I've gotten to know him even better. He really treats every patient like family. He's very caring and understanding. Patients appreciate his honesty and that he's always willing to give his time to take care of patients needs and concerns.
As a dentist Dr. Lee is very gentle and confident. He uses all the best instruments, materials, and equipment. After working with him I trust him even more as my dentist because I know he does a great job. I would refer everyone who wants to walk out with a great smile to him.
Thank you Dr. Lee :)

Yana Z.

My husband and I have been dental patients of Dr. John Lee for 7 years and have referred numerous friends and relatives to Dr. Lee. We have always been pleased with the care that we have received. Dr. Lee and his staff are gental, considerate and caring. I recently had a filling and crown done in his office. Both crown and filling look and feel great. I would recommend Farmington Dental Care to any one seeking good quality dental care.


Very friendly staff, considerate, office is in a good location, and Dr Lee is very personable and helpful. Have been a long time patient of Dr Lee since he took over this practice and would recommend him to anyone and everyone.


I am a new patient of Dr John Lee and after interviewing two other dentist office's for the work I was planning on having done I chose Dr John Lee, and I am so happy I did. His bedside manner is awesome beyond any doctor I have seen in the last ten years and I am happy to say I have a b-e-a-utiful smile once again. Thank you Dr Lee