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Our Beaverton Dental Practice 

At Farmington Dental Care, our commitment is to provide each and every patient with excellent dental care. From comprehensive check-ups for toddlers and children to advanced dental implant placement as well as implant dentures. Beaverton dentists Dr. John Lee welcomes patients of all ages to experience our dedication to patient-first dentistry.

Developing Lasting Relationships

Patients make up an important part of our Farmington dental family; our Beaverton dental team is committed to developing lasting partnerships with each and every one of our patients. This begins with creating a friendly environment where patients feel welcome every time they visit. After being greeted by a familiar face, we will check your smile for changes or damage, identifying your immediate and long-term needs. For children visiting Dr. Lee for the first time, we encourage parents to join their children during these early visits. Together, our dentists are able to educate parents on the best methods for keeping their child’s smile healthy throughout development.

For adults, biannual visits to Farmington Dental Care allow our dentists to keep a close eye on changes to their smiles. Using advanced diagnostic tools to capture changes in your dentition, our Beaverton dentists are able to ensure you receive proactive dental care when you need it, minimizing the need for extensive restorative care. In addition to these preventive solutions, our team offers a number of cosmetic dental treatment options, ideal for keeping your smile bright and beautiful throughout your lifetime. By using advanced dental technologies and trusted dental techniques, Dr. Lee is your partner for achieving a lifelong healthy, beautiful smile. 

Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

For adults and children alike, dental emergencies can happen at any time. Seeking immediate care for toothaches, avulsed or cracked teeth, and other dental issues is critical to keeping your dentition healthy and functional. At Farmington Dental Care, we strive to accommodate emergency appointments within the same day and offer same-day restorations whenever possible. For patients experiencing more advanced dental emergencies, our Beaverton dentists work with a network of specialists throughout the area to ensure you receive prompt care as soon as possible. 

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Serving patients and their families from across the Greater Beaverton communities of Aloha and Tigard, Farmington Dental Care is proud to offer a number of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative treatments at our Beaverton dental practice. For more information about our dental services, contact Dr. Lee today to schedule your next dental appointment. 



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