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When Should I Consider Dental Implants

When Should I Consider Dental Implants?

When it comes to choosing restorations, our Beaverton dentists prioritize keeping your natural teeth in your smile whenever possible. However, in certain scenarios, damage to natural teeth is irreversible. When patients experience any of the following conditions, it may be better for the overall health of the smile to replace damaged teeth with a dental implant.

Recurrent Root Canal Failure

While root canal therapy can provide a solution to deep cavity and tooth infection, failure to properly seal the tooth as well as damage to the crown can open the door to reinfection. When a treated tooth repeatedly experiences infection, it is often in the patient’s best interest to remove the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. This not only improves the functionality of the smile, but also helps protect the overall health of the smile by preventing the spread of infection to neighboring healthy teeth.

Advanced Gum Disease

During this final stage of periodontal disease, bacteria erode the connective tissue and bone that hold teeth in place. As a result, many experiencing advanced periodontitis may notice teeth in the affected area becoming loose and even falling out. While a bridge can be used to replace missing teeth, dental implants offer greater coverage and help stimulate bone regeneration, an important need for patients who have lost jaw bone density as a result of gum disease. While patients recovering from advanced periodontitis will need to undergo preliminary treatments to remove all infected tissue and restore health to the gums, most are able to enjoy successful implant outcomes.

Bone Resorption

While often overlooked, the jaw bone is the foundation of the smile. When healthy, teeth roots stimulate bone density, preserving the overall shape of the face as well as ensuring a functional bite. When teeth are missing as a result of accidental damage or decay, the jaw is left without stimulation, leaving it vulnerable to deterioration. Known as resorption, this process can have a significant impact on the health, function, and aesthetics of the smile and face as a whole. Without proper treatment, patients are at risk of facial sagging as well as additional tooth loss and bite misalignment.

In contrast to other restoration options, dental implants are designed to replace missing tooth roots, stimulating bone regeneration and helping prevent further resorption.

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