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The Importance of Restorative Dentistry

The Importance of Restorative Dentistry

While preventive dental care remains the best way to keep your smile healthy, accidents happen. Between dental trauma and routine wear, parts of the smile can become deteriorated and damaged.

Without proper and proactive treatment, patients may find themselves facing more serious oral health conditions in the future. As a result, restorative dental care plays an important role in protecting the immediate and long-term health of your smile.

What are Restorative Dental Treatments?

Unlike preventive treatments, which are performed in an effort to protect the smile from damage and decay, restorative dental treatments are designed to reinforce compromised teeth. Damage can be the result of a number of factors, ranging from accidental chipping to full tooth loss. In order to fully address a patient’s needs, restorative dental solutions can vary from patient to patient based on the condition of the smile.

When are Restorations Needed?

Depending on the damage caused to the smile, restorations are often used as a proactive measure to prevent current dental problems from magnifying and further damaging your oral health. In cases such as post-root canal therapy as well as cavity treatments, solutions like dental fillings and crowns are particularly useful in preventing recurrent infection as well as reinforcing the strength of the tooth.

In other instances, particularly where extensive damage has already occurred, restorations are critical to protecting a patient’s overall wellbeing. Conditions such as tooth loss and jaw bone resorption often leave the smile severely damaged and at risk of further additional tooth loss, which can spur on facial sagging, compromise digestion, and increase the risk of TMJ dysfunction. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants or implant-supported treatment options, patients are able to address these issues before they snowball into serious health concerns. Likewise, dental implant placement can also be a reliable option for replacing teeth that are constantly infected as a result of a failed root canal. This not only removes severely damaged teeth, but also prevents the risk of infection spreading to other teeth.

Restorative Treatments in Beaverton  

At Farmington Dental Care, our goal is to create healthy, lasting smiles for every patient. Through our comprehensive restorative dental treatments, we help patients with compromised smiles regain full health and function. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our Beaverton dentists today. 


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